Color: Copper
Wattage: 20W

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Price includes the fixture and ground mounting stake. Lamp is sold separately.

When trying to create a super soft washlight, there are very few well designed products for todays lighting designer. The FX RotondoLuna is specifically designed to gently illuminate small-scale plant material, boulders and short garden walls.

To wall wash with the RL, the fixtures should be installed 12”-18” from the base of the wall, 6”-8” on center thereby creating an even illumination.

This technique is very efficient because it highlights the wall and then reflects a soft, glare-free ambient glow onto the surrounding area.

When spotlights are placed behind plant material or a garden element and aimed at an adjacent wall to create a backdrop, it allows the viewer to enjoy the silhouette form of the object only. This technique is useful when trying to showcase very dense plant material that has interesting structure.

Please browse our Lighting Accessory Page for lenses, mounts, etc and our 12V Lamp Page to upgrade fixture to LED G4 lamp.

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