Color: Bronze

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Face Plate: Brass One Louver Brick Light

Gasket: Black neosponge 0.190 thick closed cell

Lens: White acrylic lens

Light Source: 12v, 5w integrated LED flat panel with external driver, warm white 3000K

LIFETIME RATING:  50,000 hours


DRIVER (Included): 4w output, 12v AC input. Maximum distance from fixture is 18 feet. For use with magnetic transformers only!

VOLTAGE RANGE: 9 to 18 volts. Optimum operating range of 10 to 15 volts for consistent performance and brightness.

WIRING: Red(+) and Black(-) 18 gauge zip cord from LED panel. Connects to external driver Red(+) and Black(-) 18 gauge zip cord.

Additional 6 18/2 zip cord supplied for wiring external driver to main cable. For 25 foot 16/2 fixture lead wire add -25F to catalog number.

MOUNTING: Stainless Steel surface mount bracket; two screws and wall anchors provided; Face plate attaches to bracket with two provided set screws

Wiring: Black 3 foot 18/2 zip cord

Detailed Specifications

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