In the spring of 1992, our founder Ed, went to a local home improvement store to buy low voltage pathlights for his backyard. After seeing the selection (or lack thereof) and the quality of their lights, not to mention having to pick out the lights from only a sealed box under the blaring fluorescent lights… he thought to himself – there must be a better way!!!

Thus, the story of Landscape Lighting Supply begins… founded in August 1992, Landscape Lighting Supply Company is a family owned and a now second-generation operated business. We still offer one stop shopping for fixtures, lamps, wire and connectors in both low-voltage and line-voltage after all these years. We know the industry and we know the products. We only stock THE BEST performing fixtures in the industry. If you are in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, come visit our showroom and see for yourself! We have over 80 lights on display complete with blackout shades and an example of every lighting technique with LED lamps in every color temperature, beam spread and wattage.  For more information on our showroom and directions, visit Our Showroom page.

A lot of things have changed in the lighting industry and the retail world since we started in 1992. However, having the best customer service available, coupled with superior knowledge of the outdoor lighting industry is the key to our years of success. Yes, you can buy things quicker, probably cheaper, and more conveniently from Amazon – but face to face relationships and warranty validation are equally or even more important. We adhere a date code to every LED we sell to ensure you receive the proper warrantied life of the lamp. The sticker also tells you us you purchased your materials from us, and you do not need to worry about keeping a receipt.

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