Installing & Working with Multi-Tap Transformers

How to use a Multi-Tap Transformer

  • Connect one wire to the 12V tap at the transformer; connect the other wire to the white (common) tap.
  • Measure the voltage at the first light using a voltmeter.
    • Example: 11V
  • Subtract the measured voltage from 12. This equals your voltage drop.
    • Example: 12-11V = 1V
  • Add the voltage drop to 12. This is equivalent to the voltage tap you should use.
    • Example: 12V + 1V = 13V
  • Move the wire from the 12V tap to the calculated voltage tap.
  • Leave the other wire connected to the white (common) tap.

Special Notes Regarding LED Lights:

Most LEDs are designed to operate between 9-14V – so a little voltage drop is not going to interfere with the lamp performance. Be careful you don’t OVERVOLT your LEDs. It’s better to have them operate at a 10V-11V range.