16-3 120V Wire

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SJTW 16-3 Cable:

  • 105C PVC Cord
  • 300 Volts
  • Flexible Copper Conductors
  • Flexible PVC Insulation and Jacket
  • Rated -34C to 105C.
  • Rated as Hard-Usage Service Cord
  • Flame Retardant and Meets UL and CSA FT2 Flame Tests
  • Approved for Outdoor Use
  • Provides Premium Oil Resistance, Water Resistant, and Flexibility.


SJTW Flexible Cords are permitted for use as specified by Article 400 and related articles of the National Electrical Code. Some typical applications for Type SJTW Cords include wiring for industrial machinery, washing machines and various other large appliances, heavy-duty tools, motors, and temporary electrical power and lighting installations for construction sites. Type SJTW Cords are suitable for use in (i) dry locations not to exceed minimum -34C or maximum 105C; or (ii) wet locations or other applicable locations may be completely immersed in water when exposed to oil or coolant at temperatures not to exceed 60C. Type SJTW cords are ideal for flex applications in harsh environments where the highest degree for oil resistance and extended service life are essential.


  • UL 62
  • CSA Standard 22.2 No. 49
  • Federal Specification J-C-580B
  • NEC Article 400
  • OSHA acceptable
  • RoHS


Type SJTW Flexible Cords are manufactured using sizes 16 AWGbare flexible stranded Class K copper conductors per ASTM B-174, and heat, moisture and oil resistant 105C color-coded PVC insulation. The insulated conductors are cabled with non-wicking polypropylene fillers, with a tissue-paper separator wrapped around the assembly to promote easier removal of the jacket. A heat, moisture and oil resistant flexible PVC jacket is extruded over the assembly to complete the construction.