: Acme T-1-81049 150 Buck Boost

Acme T-1-81049 150 Buck Boost

Wattage: 150W

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Hardwire transformer that measures 7.5H x 4W x 4D. Ideal transformer to use if you would like your low voltage lights to be on a switch, or to come on with an existing 120V system. Although it does not come with a cord and plug, one can easily be added to it.

Buck-Boost transformers are small, single phase, dry type distribution transformers designed and shipped as insulating/isolating transformers. They have a dual voltage primary and a dual voltage secondary.

These transformers can be connected for a wide range of voltage combinations. The most common use is to buck (lower) or boost (raise) the supply voltage a small amount, usually 5 to 27%.

Buck-Boost transformers are in compliance with NEC Article 210-9, Exception 1 when field connected as an autotransformer. The major advantages of buck-boost transformers are their low cost, compact size and light weight. They are also more efficient and cost less than equivalent isolation transformers.

Buck-boost transformers are well suited for low voltage landscape lighting. They are UL listed for outdoor service and their compact size makes them the perfect solution for providing power to accent lighting applications.

When using dimmers for low voltage lighting applications, use dimmers on the output of the transformer that are designed and rated for use with magnetic loads.

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