: CP10 Recessed Light

CP10 Recessed Light

Color: Copper or Bronze
Wattage: 2W LED

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The patent pending CP is engineered to bring light to areas such as walkways, stairways and decks as well as to other foot traffic hazards that dont have an adjacent planter area for pathlighting or trees and trellis from which to downlight.

Incorporated into the design is the LevelX feature. The LevelX assures the lighting installer that the faceplates of these permanently mounted fixtures will remain perfectly level upon completion of the installation. Many step and wall lights on the market today are designed so that if the mounting box is installed out-of-level, the faceplate, once installed, will also be noticeably out-of-level.

Some of the features of the CP include:

  • A Sleeve that is permanently mounted in concrete or wood wall combined with multiple threaded knockouts
  • Easy-to-remove box for unforeseen future problems which prevents having to chipaway at the wall for repairs
  • Corrosion-free, stainless steel inserts.

Fixture comes complete with a 2W bi-pin LED G4 lamp.

Detailed Specifications

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